School Lunch Catering in Phoenix

School Catering

Stellar Catering also assists with Charter and Private school lunch programs for the regular school year and summer school. We follow the Team Nutrition guidelines set forth by the US Department of Agriculture and The Arizona Nutrition Standards. We are equipped to handle lunches from preschool through grades 12 and are available for your lunch schedule.

Our Executive Chef prepares a menu using the freshest ingredients, with no added salt or sugar. All our sauces are handmade – nothing out of a can. We supply all paper products and utensils based on the number of children and adults we are feeding and will provide milk anda salad bar if needed. We do have warmers for rental as required by the health department to keep temperatures up to code. Everything comes in recyclable disposable trays to make cleanup easy for you and the environment.

We would like to help you and the parents by providing a model of healthy eating and living. By using Stellar as your caterer, you are assured that the levels of calorie intake, cholesterol and sugar intake will be in the low and healthy consumption range in order to help prevent obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure as well as premature cardiovascular disease.

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